Among Us is a popular multiplayer game played between 4 to 10 online individuals. Each game is divided into two teams of crewmates and imposters. Crewmates have to recognize all the imposters to throw them out of the space ship to win the game or the imposters will kill all the members one by one to take over the ship. It is available on steam for $5 to play on the Windows or MAC PC and was launched free for Android and iOS users.

You can download and play Among Us free on your Windows or MAC using the most popular Android emulator Bluestacks. Bluestacks supports all the Android Games and has also extended the features for better Gameplay. Among Us on BlueStacks is absolutely safe and legal hence no need to install any cracks or hacks into game files.

BlueStacks Among Us System Requirements remains the same as BlueStacks 4 requirements of Windows 10, 8, 7 or MacOS, Intel or AMD processor of at least 2 GHz speed, Integrated NVIDIA or ATI Graphics, 2 GB of RAM, and at least 5 GB of HDD or SSD storage space.


Now let’s get to the steps to download, install, and start playing Among Us free on Windows and MAC using BlueStacks.

Among Us Mac Download No Bluestacks

Step by Step Guide to Download Among Us for Windows & Mac: Here are all the best working Android Emulator Apps that lets you download and install Android or iOS apps on your Computers running Windows or Mac OS. 2- Nox App Player. Two ways to install and play Among Us on a Mac. Any Android emulator that has a Mac client will do the trick here, but we decided to go with Bluestacks for testing purposes. Among Us Free Without Bluestacks - AMONGAUS from lh5.googleusercontent.com Advertisement platforms categories 4.130.0 user rating7 1/3 bluestacks app player lets you emulate an android device on your mac desktop. Learn how to use bluestacks to install android apps and games from the google play store on windows or macos.

Step 1: Download and Install BlueStacks on Windows and MAC

Over the years BlueStacks have launched several versions up to the latest BlueStacks 4 for both Windows and MAC devices. BlueStacks have made several feature improvements for the most played Android games like PUBG, Candy Crush, COC, Pokemon Go, Subway Surfers, and now for the Among Us. Among Us craze has blasted the roofs since the lockdown and continuous online streams. By seeing the viral trends developer released the beta for free on the Play Store and App Store for phones.

BlueStacks had eyes on the Among Us since the free beta release for Androids so that it can pass it free to its beloved Windows and MAC users. Download BlueStacks to enjoy the Among Us along with millions of other Android games and apps for absolutely free on your Windows or MAC devices. You can download any from both the downloader or offline installer. Downloader will also download the latest version and will directly begin the installation. You can directly download the offline installer and then manually install it on your device. You can also share it with your friends in case they have data scarcity.

  1. Download the BlueStacks Latest Version from the official website.
  2. Double-click on the downloaded BlueStacks file and Allow the User Account Control permissions to begin the installation.
  3. Click on the Next to accept the license agreements, choose the installation location, and tick mark on the App Store access and Application Communications.
  4. Wait for a minute or two to complete the installation then tap on the Finish button.
  5. Sign in with Google to enter the fully working Android environment.

These steps will just differ by very few options on the MAC which you can easily choose on your own. Once BlueStacks is logged in with the Google Account then let’s move to the second step of installing Among Us on the PC.

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Step 2: Install Among Us on BlueStacks

Installing Among Us on BlueStacks is the same as installing Games and Apps on Android phones. BlueStacks just like any Android phone also comes with the Google Play services. It consists of a bunch of Google Apps including Play Store from where you can explore the million of Apps, Games, Movies, Music, and Books on your Android devices. You can directly install the Among Us on BlueStacks from the Play Store.

You can also download Among Us from other app stores like Samsung Galaxy Store or even directly install the downloaded Among Us Apk on the BlueStacks. Well, two more apps options including Search and Game Center will also lead to the Google Play Store. We will go through both the methods of the Play Store and directly installing the Apk.

Download and Install Among Us from Play Store on BlueStacks:

  1. Open BlueStacks and make sure you have already logged in with your Google Account.
  2. Stay on the My Games section and launch the Google Play Store app.
  3. Wait for a while to finish loading if you haven’t open it in a while and type Among Us in the search.
  4. Tap on the Install button and wait until the game is downloaded and installed on your device.
  5. That’s it, now you can find Among Us on BlueStacks in the My Games section.

Install downloaded Among Us APK on BlueStacks:

If you are not able to install the Apps from the Play Store or already have downloaded Apk then you can also directly install it on your Windows or MAC PC.

  1. Press Ctrl, Shift, and B keys or the Apk icon from the right toolbar.
  2. Browse and select the downloaded Among Us Apk file.
  3. The app will be installed in a minute and will appear in the My Games section.

APK method will also be useful if the Among Us doesn’t work that good, shows black screen errors, or keeps crashing.

How to update Among Us on BlueStacks:

  1. Open Google Play Store and search for Among Us.
  2. Wait till the page loads fully.
  3. Update button will appear else reload the page once or twice to fetch the new Among Us updates.
  4. Tap on the Update button to install the new version on BlueStacks.

You can also download the latest apk from the internet and update using the apk installation method.

Now let’s check out, how to Play Among Us for free on Windows and MAC using BlueStacks? We will discuss all the controls and the best settings of the game so that you play it with ease as on your Phone.


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Step 3: Start Playing Among Us for free on BlueStacks

Among Us is the strategic and IQ game to spot out the imposters from the crewmates. It supports cross-platform gameplay between Computers and Phones users due to its simple GUI with the basic server architectures. You will be able to join the same Among Us servers on BlueStacks as on your PC Game. Now let’s look into the Among Us gameplay, controls, and settings on the emulator.

Just tap on the Among Us icon in the My Games section to launch the Game. The first launch will prompt the Control Settings, if you are already familiar with the game then you will be easily able to recognize all the controls else exploring the game is a much better option than the explanation.

Play Among Us On Mac Bluestacks

Among Us controls consists of two modes namely Joystick and Touch controls. The joystick is meant for keyboard control that is, moving across the space ship using W, S, A, and D keys and touch controls are meant for moving using the mouse.

Among Us Joystick Controls using Keyboard:

  1. Tap on the Settings’ Gear icon.
  2. Select the Joystick as the Control option.
  3. Open the BlueStacks Game Guide by pressing the blue question mark button in the toolbar.
  4. Again select the Joystick scheme.
  5. Now keep the controls as per your choices such as set W, S, A, and D keys for moving UP, Down, Left, and Right.

You can use Tab, Space, Q, and C keys for the Map, Task, Kill, and Chat. Similarly, let’s see the Mouse Controls.

Touch Controls using Mouse:

  1. Open in-game Settings.
  2. Select the Touch in Controls.
  3. Launch Game Guide options and select the Touch Scheme.
  4. Map, Tasks, Kill, and Chat keys remain the same but you have to move your mouse and press the Left key for the movements.

Try out both the controls to make the best Among Us gameplay experience on BlueStacks and also enjoy million of Android Games and Apps on your Windows or MAC PC.

The perfect Covid era game

Among Us is a popular multiplayer social deduction game for iOS, Android, and PC developed by Innersloth that has been around for more than two years but it wasn’t until fairly recently that it became a huge hit with huge popularity. At the moment, no less than 200,000 players are online, playing Among us, at any given time and the number of registered users is times that number. Among us has a deceivingly simple, yet highly entertaining premise, where the players are separated into two groups – crewmates and imposters.

The goal of the game is for the imposters to complete tasks around the map while simultaneously trying to uncover and eliminate all imposters. On the other hand, the imposters’ goal is to sabotage the crewmates and eliminate them before all their tasks are completed.

Play among us on mac without bluestacks

Undeniably, this game can offer hours of fun to anyone who is willing to give it a try and there’s certainly no shortage on different platforms that it is available for. As we mentioned, you can play Among Us on your Android or iOS mobile device and you can also download it from Steam on your Windows PC. The mobile versions of the game are free while the Steam version costs 5$ at the moment of writing. However, there doesn’t seem to be an official version for Mac at the moment (and there will likely not be one in the foreseeable future). That said, there’s still a perfectly legal and safe way to play Among Us for free on Mac as well as on PC and, in the next lines, we will show you how you can do that using the BlueStacks platform.

What is BlueStacks?

BlueStacksis a cloud-based platform/emulator that allows users to run Android apps on Windows and macOS computers. With the help of BlueStacks, you could download the Android version of Among Us on your Mac (or PC) and play it for free (since the Android version is free). BlueStacks is free to use so you won’t be required to pay anything to get it on your Mac.

Is BlueStacks Among Us safe for Mac?

Playing Among Us with BlueStacks is a perfectly safe and legitimate cross-platform emulator and it poses no threat to your Mac system.

Here, it’s worth noting that the creators of the platform point out on their official site that BlueStacks is primarily used by Windows PC users and that is why innovations and updates for the Windows version of the app are priterized over Mac. This is not to say that the Mac version wouldn’t eventually get all the new updates and improvements but it may take a bit longer compared to its Windows counterpart.

Among Us Download On Mac Tutorial

  1. The first thing you must do is download BlueStacks from its official site.
  2. After the installation file is downloaded, open it to install BlueStacks.
  3. Click on Open when asked if you are certain you want to open the app.
  4. Follow the prompts of the installer and provide your password if required to do so.
  5. If you get a notification that a system extension by “BlueStacks Systems” has been blocked, click on OK and then select Open Security & Privacy.
  6. In the Security & Privacy window, click on the Allow button next to the message System software from developer “BlueStacks Systems, Inc.” was blocked from loading.
  7. Now, BlueStacks should install without a problem and you should be able to run it on your Mac.
  8. After the installation is completed, start the BlueStacks app and sign in with your Google account.
  9. Once you are inside the app, type Among Us in the search bar and download the game.
  10. Wait for the game to install and click on its icon to start playing.

Playing Among Us on Mac

The BlueStacks emulator will automatically give you the following controls for the game:

  • WASD for moving around the map.
  • E and Space for using objects.
  • Q for killing enemies.
  • R for reporting found bodies.
  • The Mouse is used during minigames and for interacting with the menu options.

You can use the Option + Enter key combination for toggling between full screen and window mode.

If you want, you can switch to mouse-only controls from the game options. When using this mode, the gestures with your mouse will work like mobile controls on a touchscreen.

You can use BlueStacks for other games too!

Obviously, BlueStacks offers you access to an incredibly wide variety of mobile games that you can now play on your Mac. However, we must remind you and warn you to only download games on your Mac that are from reputable and reliable developers. Also, make sure that you don’t download any low-quality games that imitate their original versions because this could sometimes end up causing problems such as walls of ads and sudden screen pop-ups that can be very unpleasant.

When will Among Us be available for Mac [Official Version]

Among Us Mac Bluestacks

Currently, there is lack of official information on the matter which suggests that there are no plans to develop an official version of the game for Mac, at least not in the foreseeable future. At the moment, the only official desktop version for Among Us is the Windows one and it can be downloaded for 5$ from Steam.

Among Us 2 officially cancelled

In a recent blog post by PuffballsUnited, the game’s publisher, posted on the 23 of September, there has been an update on the incoming changes to the game as well as new information about the potential for an upcoming sequel. According to the post, the plans for a sequel have now been officially dropped as Innersloth would be putting more focus on improving and updating the original installment of the game.

How To Update Among Us Bluestacks Mac

According to the game’s creators, their intention is to add all content that has been initially intended to be featured in the supposed sequel to Among Us 1 through a series of updates focused on expanding the current game.

Bluestacks Among Us Mac Reddit

PuffballsUnited has admitted that it will be more difficult to modify the current code of AmongUs to accommodate the incoming changes rather than starting anew and creating a whole new game. However, according to the game’s publisher, this is good news for the players who are already playing AmongUs and who own the game. This means that those players wouldn’t need to spend more money on a sequel and would get all of the new content automatically as the new updates for the game get released.