bettercap supports GNU/Linux, BSD, Android, Apple macOS and the Microsoft Windows operating systems - depending if you want to install the latest stable release or the bleeding edge from the GitHub repository, you have several choices.

Precompiled Binaries

Sep 24, 2021 Docker on Termux in a VM Create a Linux VM and install Docker in it so you can (slowly) run x86 Docker containers on your Android device. Recommended to use SSH or external keyboard to execute the following commands unless you want sore thumbs. Dec 24, 2020 From termux-root Issue #60 it appears that it is possible to use Docker without QEMU, but requires root & a custom kernel. Details can be found in this gist No, not possible.

For every new release, we distribute bettercap’s precompiled binaries. In order to be able to use them, you’ll need the following dependencies on your system:

  • libpcap
  • libusb-1.0-0 (required by the HID module)
  • libnetfilter-queue (on Linux only, required by the packet.proxy module)

Using Docker

BetterCAP is containerized using Alpine Linux - a security-oriented, lightweight Linux distribution based on musl libc and busybox. The resulting Docker image is relatively small and easy to manage the dependencies. Since it is using a multi-stage build, a Docker version greater than 17.05 is required.

To pull latest stable version of the image:


To pull latest source code build of the image:

To run:

Docker Termux Tutorial

Compiling from Sources

In order to compile bettercap from sources, make sure that:

  • You have a correctly configured Go >= 1.8 environment.
  • $GOPATH is defined and $GOPATH/bin is in $PATH.
  • For hardware with limited resources (like Raspberry Pi Zero boards) you might want to increase the swap size.

You’ll also need to install the dependencies:

  • build-essential
  • libpcap-dev
  • libusb-1.0-0-dev (required by the HID module)
  • libnetfilter-queue-dev (on Linux only, required by the packet.proxy module)

Once you’ve met this conditions, you can run the following commands to compile and install bettercap in /usr/local/bin/bettercap:

Compiling on Android

Termux Method

This procedure and bettercap itself require a rooted device.

Install Termux and from its prompt type:

There’s a golang bug in termux about some hardcoded path, the fix is ugly but it works:

Linux Deploy Method Debian based (like Ubuntu)

Termux Docker Container

Install Linux Deploy, JuiceSSH, in Linux Deploy install kalilinux_arm (u need the piggy helper and enable the SSH) and type:

You can now proceed with the compilation:

Once the build process is concluded, the binary will be located in go/bin/bettercap.

Docker Termux Python

Linux Deploy Method Fedora based (like Redhat, Centos)